Our passion lies in helping those hotel investment freelancers succeed, and in doing so allowing anyone to become a hotel real estate digital news researcher. No longer are we bound by so-called rules of who can be a publisher and who cannot. The world wide web has changed that. We have made a business decision to invest in this platform with our lives to level the playing field for those hotel and real estate graduate students who want to engage and share their social media publishing dreams.

The interactions and reactions about hotel real estate news is a central requirement for those that want to participate within the conversation regarding hotel real estate investments. We are a niche player within the social and business conversation which facilitates real estate knowledge and education and is an organization from which you can self-publish about hotel real estate activities within your region of the world. If you are interested, (hint), and you should be, in unbiased commentary about current hotel real estate events, you will certainly want to leverage our platform in the area of hotel real estate finance and hotel investment banking; and as well involve other hotel and real estate graduate students who express a desire to learn more about the Hotel Digital News Researcher Self-Publishing Platform. Times are changing again. If you have a passion for both responsible journalism coverage and hotel real estate investing, then please contact us and we can set up a meeting to discuss how you feel and what you believe regarding the last paragraph on this web page.

While the current hotel real estate market has regained much of its losses from previous years, the cause of a significant strain to our financial stability is still something that the community should always consider. The current hotel investment financial market still requires over-site and participants need an understanding for what is realistically driving hotel real estate values and activities. Because hotel real estate is a piece of real estate and an on-going business, this class of real estate investment needs essential market, policy makers, and hotel investment decision makers to understand our history. The hotel real estate markets and how they are integrated into the global hotel real estate economy will require those within industry to not again repeat history by succumbing to an irresponsible, arbitrage style of investing – especially in hotel assets that can fall out of favor with hotel investors and the investment banking community. Let us not repeat history and if you are interested in this specific topic, both personally and journalistIcally speaking, then please consider joining our little group – we welcome you – and hope to serve the market in a positive manner. Your self-publishing, social media platform will strengthen our efforts – and we will utilize the experience not only to inform others of the reality of hotel real estate investing. Good luck and we hope you enjoy the rest of our website.

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